Grading System of k-12 Program of Department of Education



Assessment and Rating of Learning Outcomes


The assessment process is holistic, with emphasis on the formative or developmental purpose of quality assuring student learning. It is also standards-based as it seeks to ensure that teachers will teach to the standards and students will aim to meet or even to exceed the standards. The students’ attainment of standards in terms of content and performances therefore, a critical evidence of learning.

The assessment shall be done at four levels and shall be weighted as follows:


Level of Assessment
Percentage Weight
Process or Skills


The levels are defined as follows:

  1. “Knowledge” refers to the substantive content of the curriculum, the facts and information that the students acquires.

  2. “Process” refers to cognitive operations that the student performs on facts and information for the purpose of constructing meanings and understandings.

  3. “Understandings” refers to enduring big ideas, principles and generalizations inherent to the discipline, which may be assessed using facets of understanding.

  4. “Products/Performances” refers to real-life application of understanding as evidenced by the student’s performance of authentic tasks.

Levels of Proficiency

At the end of the quarter, the performance of students shall be described in the report card, based on the following levels of proficiency:

  • Beginning – The student at this level struggles with his/her understanding; prerequisite and fundamental knowledge and or skills have not been acquired or developed adequately to aid understanding.

  • Developing – The student at this level possesses the minmum knowledge and skills and core understandings, but needs help throughout the performance of authentic tasks.

  • Approaching Proficiency – The student at this level has developed the fundamental knowledge and skills and core understandings and with little guidance from the teacher and/or with some assistance from peers, can transfer these understandings through authentic performance tasks.

  • Proficient – The student at this level has developed the fundamental knowledge and skills and core understandings, and can transfer them independently through authentic performance tasks.

  • Advanced – The student at this level exceeds the core requirements in terms of knowledge, skills and understandings, and can transfer them automatically and flexibly through authentic performance tasks.

The level of proficiency at which the student if performing shall be based on a numerical value which is arrived at after summing up the results of the student’s performance on the various levels af assessment. The numerical values are as follows:


Level of Proficiency
Equivalent Numerical Value
Beginning 74% and below
Developing 75 – 79%
Approaching Proficiency 80 – 84%
Proficient 85 – 89%
Advanced 90% and above


What shall appear in the report card is not the numerical value, but the equivalent level of proficiency, abbreviated as follows:

B for Beginning;

D for Developing;

AP for Approaching Proficiency;

P for Proficient; and

A for Advanced

At the end of the four quarters, the Final Grade for each learning area shall be reported as the average of the four quarterly ratings, expressed in terms of the levels of proficiency. The general average shall be the average of the final grades of the different learning areas, also expressed in terms of levels of proficiency with the numerical equivalent in parenthesis.

Promotion and retention of students shall be by subject. Students whose proficiency level is Beginning (B) at the end of the quarter or grading period shall be required to undergo remediation after class hours so that they can immediately catch up as they move to the next grading period. If by the end of the school year, the students are still at the Beginning level, then they shall required to take summer classes.

As a matter of policy every learning deficiency should be bridged even for those students whose

level of proficiency is above the beginning level.

Honor students shall be drawn among those performed at the Advanced Level. Subsequent guidelines shall be issued as basis for ranking of honors.

The total time daily does not include off-school learning experiences that teachers may require outside of school hours for the production of products and performances as evidence of transfer of learning.

  • sanchez grace

    is there a new form for promotional report? and what should be written there is it numeric or letter with regards to rating,

  • Encar

    How did DepEd decide on the weight of the levels? What is their reason of adopting KPUP system?

  • samzonite

    what level of proficiency if a student gets a grade of 84.56%

  • Deyn

    It will fall under AP.

  • raine

    Wow im actually used to this kind of system but we just find it thru net. Was their a stdy dne by deped by using dz?

  • Keir Nathaniel Nasis

    Is it true na bawal magbagsak sa K-12 Curriculum?

  • grace

    I totally disagree with this curriculum being implemented right away.. It’s so messed up right now and there are to many complications with this curriculum.. They need to wrap more things up for this curriculum to be effective. The higher ups are acting like teenagers giving in to sudden urges just to show people a big fake change that would eventually make their names popular for their own purposes..






  • Hulaan Mo?

    pano malalaman ang general average diyan sa bagong grading system
    example:Developing 75 – 79 eh?? pano malalaman ang totoong general average?!
    gento na ba talaga. Di pa kasi matangap ng mga magulang na letters lang kaylangan namin ang tunay na average ng mga anak namin at mga teachers naiinis na sa mga magulang kasi reklamo pa para lang makuha ang general average ng mga anak.

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    this thing is giving me hard time!! when im already improving this thing blocks my way and did the people even think before they approved this?! why does a students grade need to be 80% to be passing score!? you cant force someone to be good at things hes not good at! so that’s why the passing score before was 75! and what if students fail? because of this many students are failing! we students are good at only few things. remember we people are balanced we are good at some things and we are bad at things also so that’s why you cant force us to get 80% of the score in order to pass! and because of that more students are stopping already because of their parents not having enough money to make their children learn for the added grade levels! my parents may have enough money to make me go to school but im talking about the parents who cant afford to make their children learn…

  • Im a parent

    i wish there should be both

  • -___-

    well i agree what u say, but u must understand it its the government’s idea u can’t break the law they made its part of our life

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  • hekhek

    AP .. bcoz it will be rounded off..

  • hekhek

    I mean P .. hehe.. sorry! XD

  • Japith Timbal Obediente

    what is written in promotional report ? is it numerical or letter with regard to ratting?

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    Pag ba kunware yung 2nd grading na grade ko sa isang subject iaadd pa yung 1st quarter na grade saka ididivide sa two?? gnun po b??

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  • Antony Cayat

    is it zero is to zero? what should be the lowest grade that we will give to the students in TechVoc school?

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  • Leormhan

    what are the contents included in every level of assessment? or shall we divide every activity among the levels of assessment?

  • timothy

    AP because it will not be rounded off

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  • anonymous

    what are the test category in KPUP????

  • Lash

    Pwede parin po ba makuha ang gpa nang bata kada quarter?

  • Lash

    I mean yung Grade point average kada quarter

  • cherryness

    for grade 1 daw…. kaya naman mga students sa grde 2 di marunong magbasa.

  • Fernand Kevin Dumalay

    Who should be conducting the summer classes?

  • Fernand Kevin Dumalay

    This should be made clear by DepEd. It’s impossible that nobody fails any subject at the end of the quarter given so many factors affecting the learner. For this to happen, there’s must be some miracle.

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